Monday, November 8, 2010

mon petit bon bon.

Please pardon me for no-update-mode here. These have been two very insane weeks. Been studying like nuts and I actually feel like nuts now too.
But it`s better now. I think. Akhem, hope.
And it has got pretty cold here actually. When I walked to the parking lot this morning, I noticed that the tiny little puddles on the sidewalks were covered by a fragile layer of ice. And I actually needed a hat, because my ears were freezing. And the weather guy promised us snow today too.

And I`m really looking forward to the 11th of November. It`s Lāčplēša diena here in Latvia (for those, who are interested in history - there were Freedom Fights here in Latvia from 1918(The Republic of Latvia was proclaimed that year) to 1920 and on the 19th of November the "big" fight was won (Latvian army beat bermontieši (The East Russia`s army of volunteers, which was lead by Pavel Bermont Avalov and was supported by Rideger von der Golz and Latvia was finally free) and 11th of November is Latvian Freedom Fighters' remembrance day. Every year, thousands of people go to the Embankment of 11th of November, which is this street that is located next to our "fate river" Daugava. That`s also where the President`s castle is and every year the ancient stone wall of this catle is filled with thousands and thousands of lit candles, that can be lit trhough the whole day there, though usually people arrive there from about 6.p.m. and lite the candles. They shine there for the whole night and soldiers give everone hot tea and old soldier songs are sang and it`s really beautiful and warms your heart.

some photos from Lāčplēša diena (2009)

next week it`ll be Latvia`s Independence Day (18th of November). Yeah. November here may be pretty dark and gloomy, but we know how to make it a teensy bit better. ^^

Aaaand, next week it`s Harry Potter`s premiere! woot woot! And I`ve already got tickets - we`re going to see it on the 19th of November (I know, not the day of the world premiere, but since 18th is a national holiday/celebration...) and i`m hyper-excited bout it!

And listen to this beautiful song. It makes me want to put on my old great-grandmother`s dress from 1920`s and look at the icy stars on this cold and quiet November evening. And there are a lot of stars out there tonight. And dream of old oak trees, smell the most delicate perfume which tangles in my hair like the breath of winter`s soul and watch white violets fall from the soft black sky like tiny crystal snowflakes and land on my tired forehead.

currant of the day: la valse d'amelie


  1. Those photos are absolutely breathtaking, and Latvia in November sounds like a dream! Glad to hear things are calming down a bit for you!

  2. Heck yes! I love these gorgeous photos! I'm glad you've been less busy and are slowing down a bit! :) Enjoy the 11th, love.

  3. Love those pictures, just amazing!
    And iiiiik at the Harry Potter premiere, I just can't wait :D

  4. These photos are So dreamy
    love it

    hope to hear from you!
    love always

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos. So dreamy and magical!