Saturday, May 29, 2010


oh joy. it`s saturday afternoon and yet again i have nothing to do. well, ok, if i said that, i`d be lying. I have an order to bake a cake - anything i choose, i can bake/freeze/mix/just make it. so, after hours and hours of googling the perfect thing to bake for THE person`s homecoming, i finally settled for a simple, yet so delicious, rhubard & strawerry cobbler.
Yeah, I have a passion for cooking and I bake one cake a week - usually on friday AND it always has t be smth i`ve never tried before. It sounds so dull and boring, but I actually enjoy it. All the mixing and a pinch of this a pinch of that. It gives me this warm feeling inside and it feels so nice. And when the smell finally starts to linger in the house, I am in a simple bliss and when I finally open the oven, in that second, when you`re hit with this huge cloud of smell, I feel so happy. Like a kid, when he or she has gotten this new car or barbie or anything of the kind. You know, that ultimate happiness you only feel for a second but it still feels so great? that`s the one.
and I had the most interesting conversation today with a person, to whom i`ve started talking only two days ago. it was about people and the way they act - in what moment did exactly everything go so wrong? when did everyone become so selfish and and and mean? when was that moment when we stopped crying with our buddy on the stairs over a finger, we`ve accidentally hit? when did we stop believing in happily ever after? sure, it`s not really good to live in this imaginary bubble, but that doesn`t mean that we can`t keep this bubble somewhere deep inside of us and well "visit". Just because our world can be so f. up, doesn`t mean we have to loose our faith in the happily ever after and love, till death do us part.
i don`t want to throw my bubble away for piles of gold, cause no money can buy me the feeling of happiness or love or friendship or family or or or... well.. life. you won`t throw it away, will you?

currant of the day: beirut - elephant gun

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