Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the smallest huge black hole in history of world.

sooo. now it is precisely 11:30 in the morning and i just found out that i have a dentist appointement tomorrow. yup, that`s right. well, ok, it was kind of a relief, since originally I though that I have this appointement already today, so yeah. hooray?
and my mom returned saturday from Lithuania. And she brought me a british "Vogue" and "Elle" and you know, in "Elle" there was this interview with Kristen Stewart, where was this line where she says that she feels like watching someone being raped. And everyone made this huge fuss about it. But I truly don` get it. If she felt that way, why should she be apologizing for it? Just because a bunch of people thought that what she said was wrong? Well, I beg to differ - if you truly mean what you say, you shouldn`t apologize for it. Because the apologizing part would be like lying. And not just to people, but to yourself too and that, well, that just usually screws everything totally up. If you can`t be true to yourself, who can you be true to?
and I am so happy to have my friends. I may not have a lot of friends, but the ones that I have are the truest of true. They have always been there for me, and I couldn`t love them more for it. But yes, of course, I`ve also had people in my life, that only pretend to be your friends and it hurts when you find that out. But you just have to get over it, cause, you know, life doesn`t stop.

I got to thinking about this late night yesterday, so sorry for the erm emotional talk? lol. well. ok. i think that i feel better now. when i`ve put out my thoughts on paper. I mean, screen. I mean, pc. Gawd. You get it, don`t you?
Ok, so now i`m off to the market to buy some divine strawberries, that taste like heaven itself. If I was ever to go to heaven, I`d like it to have lots of berries. and besides, I love the market. it`s just so alive. and colourful. and forgiving. and and and everything! and i heart it. with all my being. i know, that the last sentece makes no sense. this post is pretty chaotic, don`t you think? but this is the onlyway i can express myself. you know, since I have this ultimate chaos in my head. It just sucks in all the facts, pictures, dates, happenings, hugs, cakes, forests and smells that are out there. It`s like a gigantic black hole and sometimes I am lucky enough to get some pieces out of it and then I talk about them. But only sometimes.
ok, i`m feeling way too chaos-y now to say anything more. simply - i`m off for strawberries.

currant of the day: regina spektor - better

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