Thursday, June 17, 2010

things i love. part one

so, today i am in this creative mood. you know, drawing, going through my old drawings, which date back to 1995 (me at the age of 2 + pencils + paper = oh gooood)and i listened to a lot of frank sinatra and Regina Spektor. And all of this made me feel very, erm, creative. So I took an old journal of history and found a pretty picture there, which i decided to draw. After two hours I pretty much gave up - couldn`t really catch the life that came from it. I know, yes, it`s a photo, what kind of life are you talking about, but, well, sometimes you can, and in this one you could. This lady in the picture, she was smiling and the wind was playing with the feather in her hat. IT SEEMED ALIVE.
so. now. after reading my favourite blogs and watching at pictures, where my greatgrandmother was only a child herself, I got to thinking about how much I truly love old things. And vintage things. which more or less is the same. And one thing led to another and another and another, and now I`m writing this post about things I love. So, let`s start, shall we?

I love... sunsets!

Just look at how pretty it is. And how pretty it makes the street look. In daylight it may be an ordinary street - people run to their houses, walk their dogs, have arguments, make coffees, hug their kids, watch TV and paint their box-like houses. But in the evening, when it is time for the sun to set, the street shines in all it`s glory, as the sun makes the rain on the road on pavements seem like water full with small golden coins, which once upon a time was located on some pirates` ship, but then there was this huge fight and the ship sank and all the small little coins sank deeper and deeper in the deep blue water, where they blinded the small fish with their golden aureole as rays of sun hit the tiny golden ornaments on them.

I love...make up!

I love how in the morning, after I`ve washed my sleepy face I put it on. I feel like putting on a mask. With every stroke of the soft brush on my cheeks, I feel like I`m building this small fortress around myself and slowly I feel less and less vulnerable and...raw, if I may say so. And when in the evening I take it off once again, I again see the real me and nothing else. I`ve taken the mask off.

I love...this poster of the movie!

I must admit, I haven`t seen this movie, but I will. Definetely. And they just seem so very in love in this picture and I almost feel ashamed that I can see them at that moment, as it feel so intimate, I kinda want to look away and not disturb them. And not let the feeling of being loved slip away.

I love...sound of city!

You may wonder, why I put exactly this picture, but I will tell you. Once, after yet another french lesson, I wasn`t really in the mood to go home yet. So I decided to take a walk through the park. It was a beautiful autumn`s day - you know, it was just the beginning of autumn, a warm september evening, but you could already feel the cool breath of fall blowing over the blue skies. I usually listen to my iPod while going somewhere, but this time I felt that my music wasn`t what I needed. I needed sound, but something else, not music. So I slowly walked through the park and as odd as it may sound, I simply listened. I heard the man in the middle of park playing some old song on his accordion, an old Latvian song about the blue scarf, I heard children laughing while playing with toy trucks, some very very serious men and women who almost flew trough the park, while talking on their cell phones and I heard a lot of heels that rhytmically hit against the pavement. click clack click clack. And when I heard all of these sounds mixing with songs of birds in the trees whose leaves had already started turning yellow and orange and some even red, and the sound of tram taking it`s passengers from one place to another, I think that I found the city`s pulse.

currant of the day: feist - i feel it all

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