Friday, June 18, 2010

morning coffee and golden curls

So. I`ve woken up just 2 hours ago, but, since I truly have nothing to do, I decided to google some Rita Hayworth (as she is so pretty) and Marylin Monroe (as she is so pretty too) and cupcakes (well, i simply adore cupcakes, that`s all. but who doesn`t?). ^^

I wish I was as pretty as her. AND smart, as she had an IQ of 160+, while I have some friggin 129. Yeah, of course, she was a depressed person, with lots of problems going on with men and had some problems with booze too, but I still think that she`s brilliant. Ever since I saw "Some Like It Hot" at the age of eight, I adore her. Actually, I`ve seen it only once more since that time at the age of eight, when I sat on the floor of our living room and laughed so hard, that I looked like I was having some kind of fit. I know how it sounds, but it`s true! Oh, when did the magnificence and glory of Hollywood dissapear?

I must admit, that I have zero ideas about who this woman is, but she is soo pretty (anyone care to enlighten me who she is?)! I think that I might have a girl crush on her. This photo seems kinda fake, yes, but just look at it! How soft every single angle of it is! and i absolutely think that she`s wearing a red lipstick. And I am a huge fan of red lipstick.

oh, glamour.

and as I am sipping my morning coffee (super strong, pitch black, with not the smallest hint of sugar or milk), I am thinking of what to do today. I mean, 90% of my friends are at their countryside, I will only meet my girls this sunday and outside it looks kinda cold, even though it`s the middle of june. And now I`d like to remind goddamn NASA that it promised everyone the HOTTEST summer in the last ten years for sure - now where is it? I`d love to be laying on the beach now, warming my pale skin in the soft sunshine and swimming in the cool sea, but if I go there now, I`ll probably end up having pneumonia or something - that`s how cold it is!
So, any ideas, darlings?

My hair looks like this at the moment:

Even though it`s only shoulder lenght (max!), I somehow managed to make that bun-like-thingy on my head.

And I would like to know the person who made this pretty little piece of paradise and hug him.

I`ve only photographed one of my darlings.

I made this cake for my birthday this April - it was a carrot cake with mascarpone cream cheese + whipped cream + confectioner`s sugar = cream. It was a darling. ^^

currant of the day: louis armstrong - sugar


  1. Your mystery crush may be Jean Harlow -- I'm not certain. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  2. What a fun collection of images. Love finding beauty in ways like this!