Saturday, June 19, 2010

perfume of past.

yet another morning and yet another coffee. Last night I arrived home at only 1:40 AM - my mom and me were invited to her best friend`s birthday aaaand the "party" was about 100 km (or about 62 miles) from my home, so yeah. I had decided to stay home ad chill with my darling dog (a fat toyterrier - i love him) and watch some movies, while munching salty popcorn. But then I thought what the hell! and drove to the party with my mom. It all went actually really fun - although the two things that I remember the best were tangarine cake and rhubard cake. mmmyeah. But they were soooo good! So, I am feeling pretty much dead today, as one of my aunt`s decided to call me on 8 o` clock in the morning. And just when I finally started to fall asleep again, my cell phone rang once again. gah!
But oh well. Maybe it`s a good thing, cause I have to meet a very good friend of mine Ieva at 1:30 PM, so if I did what I usually do, I`d probably end up falling out my bed at noon and panickly running through the house, trying to figure out, why the hell did I turn out my alarm clock twelve times in a row ONCE AGAIN? (yeah, it`s an awful habit - as I am such a sleepy person, I always end up turning my alarm clock off about a zillion times, before my mom wakes me about five minutes before my bus is to arrive at the stop. But at least someone wakes me.)

Yesterday I started reading this book:

and I adored it. I must say that for the moment it must be my favourite marquez piece of writing. Or "One Hundred Years Of Solitude". Can`t really choose between them.

And I found this most adorable picture of Winnie The Pooh:

This was my mom`s favourite book when she was a kid. But I haven`t even read it. Ever. I know that it`s weird, everybody has read it at least once in their lives (then I`ve still got time, I guess *giggle*). I have this book at home , where there are four beautiful novels in - Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Story of Doctor Dolittle and Winnie The Pooh. I remember that when I first got this collection of dreams in my hands, I read it from cover to cover. Almost. I read everything, except Winnie The Pooh, because when I started reading it, I still hadn`t gotten over the charm of Peter Pan and kept returning to Neverland in my thoughts, so I decided to return to Mr.Pooh later (which I never did up to this date) and flipped the lightly yellow pages back to Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Darling, Nana, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and all the other inhabitants of Never Never Land. It still remains one of my favourite novels of all time.
Some week ago I found the Yearbook of 1936. It was hidden (I like to think that it was hidden, like a treasure, as it makes everything so much more interesting) in the very depth of a coffer. I only found it because I was looking for some old photographs. It has the most beautiful nature descriptions ever. And photos too. I wish I could show them to you, but I don`t have a scanner. Also, three pages of 126 pages in total, are devoted to when and where markets will be held. But the thing I love the most are the old advertisements -
Paper Shop "Gutenberg", owner - L. Kalnins, Riga, Marijas street 10, phone nr. 28949
Wide Choise Of Different Papers!We offer different pens and pencils, papers, cardboards, parchments, chalk papers, pasteboards, brown and colourful wrapping papers, paper ouches, etc.

And the letters on the front cover of the book are in black and gold and there is a drawig of rose there. And on the back side we can find out, that the lovely person, who drew this pretty cover is S. Vidbergs. I wish I could thank him. ^^
I love antique books.

I also have at home a super-old song book, which is missing it`s front cover and the pages are yellow, and there are some pages, which corners are missing, but the songs are so beautiful. My grandmother inherited it from her mother, who inherited it from hers. And as I`m turning it`s ancient pages, I can almost feel the breath of past washing over me and tangling in my hair and soaking in my skin.

And if you`d been with me yesterday, you would see different maps layed all over the floor, as I had been so clumsy and spilled water on half of them, so now they had to slowly dry.

I wish my floor was always covered in maps, cause then I could be in Europe with one feet and in America with another. It`d be so easy. No need for planes anymore.

currant of the day: Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds

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