Sunday, June 20, 2010

gingerbread (wo)man

It`s already five in the noon. So far, this day has been the ultimate bliss - I woke up at half past twelve, the sun shone through my window and my dog had decided that it`s time for me to finally wake up, as he started scratching his tiny nails against my wooden door. When it didn`t work, he started barking. That worked. Afterwards I went to a shop and got some ice, and half of the 1 kg bag has already been succesfully used (it`s swimming between slices of lemon in home-made ice tea. The ice cubes must feel happy there, then I watched Elizebethtown (must admit, that only partly - I kept running from one room to another to either talk to my mom, answer my cell phone, trying to find phone`s charger, throwing my dog`s ball away (several times, as he is a very quick catcher. I think that he`d be a great great great goalkeeper) and getting cookies in kitchen (cherry jam + chocolate + cookie = heaven)) and now, my friends, I am here.
I probably should start working on my project work about the construction of planes, which needs to be handed in this September, but I have this huge urge to go to sleep yet again (although I`ve already slept for 12 hours in the past day). So, instead I am here, writing yet another post. BUT I did search up some info about planes. So I`d have at least something. I`ve already written 8 pages from 20 I need to write, so, I figured that I still have two months and I can relax a bit (I am sure that I`ll hate myself for not doing the damn project in June in the end of August).

but meanwhile...

I am meeting mi girls tomorrow! yay! we haven`t all met since the beginning of April, so I`m looking forward to tomorrow. ^^
but at the moment I`m feeling like this little man over here:

oh dear. I`m feeling too sleepy to write anything else. *trying not to fall on the keyboard*
but i`ll be back
a) in the evening
b) tomorrow.

TTYL, darlings.

currant of the day: temper trap - love lost


  1. sounds like you're having a nice time these days!

    ps. i loved no one writes to the colonel too!

  2. there is nothing as good as meeting best friends!