Friday, July 9, 2010

you know that feeling, when you want to dance in the rain?

I remember that on this exact day 4 years ago, I was sitting, watching "Reba" and eating french fries, and I wondered if I`ll remember it four year later. Turns out, that I do remember it now.
Today, four years later, I woke up at noon, checked my phone, found out that I had four texts, 2 missed calls, blinked, read all the texts, responded to them, turned on the TV, watched Spongebob (you know the episode where he and Patrick go to Glove World and then, while returning home, accidentally get on the wrong bus & go to Rock Bottom? That`s the one), took a shower, brushed my teeth, looked in the mirror, understood that my hair is a mess, checked my email, read some blogs, found some cute pictures, talked to my friends, went to my grandparents house, ate some cherries, helped to make some patties, and now, I am here, writing this post and waiting for those patties to bake.

So, on the wonderful evening of 7th July, I was sitting in my comfy chair in living room and watching football (or soccer) (Germany vs. Spain) and I understood that I`m slowly starting to turn into a football fan. Which is weird. I am a hockey fan, not football. But oh well. Anyway, the commentator was commenting the game (dooh) and then he told this one story - back in 1994, one man in India buried a bottle of booze in his backyard (I think that he said that he had burried whiskey, although I`m not 100% sure). He never drank any alchocol, but he said, that if Germany won the World Cup, he would dig out that bottle and drink one glass. And so, the bottle rests in the ground for already 16 years. And it will be there for at least four more. Huh.

and look what I found!

originally from
This picture is the sweetest. So simple, yet so sweet. I`m in love with it. I don`t know if you can be in love with a picture, but if you can, then I most definetely am. But in that case I might be unfaithful, as I`m in love with so many beautiful photos.
Let`s just say that I`m in love in photography.

And I don`t know even what to say about this picture. So I`ll just be silent, as it says everything itself.

And these pictures make me feel warm & cosy inside.
I love that feeling.

currant of the day: travis - closer


  1. i love that photo too! and this entire post!

  2. I'm in love with these pictures! Great blog. (:

  3. I definitely know that feeling. Those pics make me feel good on a night when I'm not feeling so...

    Where is that 2nd pic from?


  4. Ah wow you have the same kind of shirt?! You mean like my timmy mallet shirt?! haha im so pleased!
    Glad you liked my jewellery :)
    p.s your fist line made me have to go and fill up my water bottle haha

  5. that tent is so adorable. i want it.