Monday, July 5, 2010

exchanging glances.

The Cheesecake wasn`t a fail. Woohoo! *does victory dance* And the sugared flower petals where finally ready for use, so I decorated the cake with them. ^^

So, as it is still insanely hot here (+31 Celsium or 87.8 in Fahrenheit), which, I know, might sound not very hot for some people, but, believe me, when you`ve got a 7 month winter (a very COLD winter, I mean, it even snowed in May for God`s sake), these temperatures now make me feel like a fish on a heated frying-pan.
So, I just thought, that maybe, if any of you dears are in the same situation as me, it couldn`t hurt if I shared this sorbet recipe, which is keeping me alive, right?
So, let`s get started!

The Lemon Sorbet
Things you`ll need:
150 ml or about 2/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (I usually get this amount of juice from about 2 or 3 lemons, depending on how juicy they are)
A bit of freshly grated peel of lemon (about 1 tbsp.)
300 - 350 ml or 1 1/4 -1/2 cup cool water (depending on how "strong" you want the sorbet to be - the less water, the stronger it`ll be)
100 g or 1/2 cup sugar(but if it's confectioners sugar, I think it's 1 cup)(this is the perfect amount of sugar for me, but of course, depending on your taste, you can lessen it for a more sour/citrus-y taste or increase it to, you know, make the life a bit sweeter)

Step 1: Grate the peel of lemon. It`s better that you do this in the start, because it`ll be harder to do, when the juice has already been squeezed from the fruit. So, grate the rind and then squeeze everything you can from the lemon. It`s very possible that while you sqeeze the juice from the lemon, you`ll not only get the juice, but also the pits, so, when you`ve squeezed all the juice, I reccomend that you pour the liquid through a sieve, so in the final version of sorbet you`d be free of all of this.
Step 2: Mix the water with sugar. Even if the water`s cool, the sugar will still dissolve. Yeah, it takes a bit more time than if you dtry to dissolve the sugar in hot water, but it`s still fully possible. :D
Step 3: Now just mix the lemon juice with the water+sugar, and add the grated peel of lemon. Then put it in the freezer and stir (in the beginning) after about two hours, but once you see that it has truly started freezing, stir it every hour or so, so afterwards you don`t have to break the spoon/fork/knife, while trying to get the thing out of the box.


Look at these pretty pictures. I love my friends. They usually find the most amazing photos.

There are only two things I can say about this dress:
1) It is weird.
2) I love it.

I`m pretty sure that this photo isn`t taken in London, but it somehow connects me to London in my head, cause, some 3 years ago, when I was visiting my uncle, aunt & cousin in London, we all went to the local park (I was surprised that they were so different from the parks here in Riga - here there are a lot of flower beds, perfectly mowed lawns, these big paths, which would be perfect for carriages of 19th century, metal + wood benches, but there they were more like these huge meadows, which here can be usually found in the countryside, not in the city, with rocks and wild flowers here and there, small paths, made by people, who take their quiet evening walks and aren`t disturbed by a soul. It was like being in the countryside. I just remember that at one moment I caught myself thinking that this couldn`t possibly be London) and it was already the evening and I remember the sun shining through the miniature twigs of trees. I think that that`s the thing I remember the best.

I`m not a huge fan of Paris, but I somehow like this photo. It has something in it. Me and one of mi friends were thinking of going to Paris next summer, after (or "if") we`ll pass the DELF french exam. Maybe then I`ll start liking this city. Last time it seemed very dark.

I like this house. It seems that it`s made of small matchboxes and the construction`s so fragile, that one small blow of wind and it`ll fall apart. I can`t stop looking at these buildings as if they were Gulliver`s matchboxes and he didn`t have anything to do, and he was so bored, so he took all these tiny boxes and made a building of them. He could tear them down with a fillip.

I want to go dancing in this dress. I`d have old-hollywood-like curls, and I`d wear high-heels (which I never do, but with this dress, I would). And there would be Frank Sinatra playing.

currant of the day: edith piaf - non, je ne regrette rien


  1. All this talk of lemon sorbet and cheesecake is making me HUNGRY!

  2. I am glad the cheesecake worked out! I have always been afraid to make it!

  3. I want to go dancing in that dress with old Hollywood curls too : ) Love that you just tweeted Kooks lyrics. Great song.

    xx Katie

  4. Gorgeous Vintage dress! I love vintage prints, they are the most glamourous!!! Love your blog girl!
    xoxoxo Beckerman Girls

  5. The receipe sounds so delicious! I'll definitely try it sometime soon ;)