Friday, July 2, 2010

there's a drumming noise inside my head

it is excruciatingly hot here and I`m starting to wonder if I`ll even survive till the evening. I am living on lemon sorbets and kvass. And other thing that helps me to survive - exceptionally good music. I`ve discovered two new bands (that I am very much in love with) - The Airborne Toxic Event and Florence + The Machine. I`m officially addicted to both them. At this very moment, I am listening to Florence + The Machine "Drumming Song". And they make me want to go to a rock festival so bad. Jump and sing (khem-shout-khem)and dance and be close to fainting, because of the lack of oxygen and well, pretty much everything conncecte to a rock gig. The atmosphere of it. I remember that after Muse gig in 2007, I wasn`t able to speak for 3 days and walk for two. My whole body refused to cooperate with me, as there wasn`t a muscle that wasn`t aching and my voice sounded like I had the hugest hangover EVER. But I felt sososo happy. I must have looked like a total idiot, cause my face was adorned with megasuperduper smile caused my the best gig that I had attended.
God, I must`ve looked really stupid. :D

I made a peach cheesecake today. It`s in the fridge now. It`s being chilled overnight as it has gelatin in it. WHY DIDN`T I JUST BAKE THE THING?!
I hope that it`ll look like this.

Although it`s more likely that it`ll look like, well, you know, fail.
although keeping fingers crossed. ^^

And I think that I`m really in the mood now to go and dance in the middle of a meadow. With a tambourine. And afterwards I`d get my camera and take photos of stars and moon and footprints and white and purple clovers. And then I`d drink plum juice from the plums that have survived this last harsh winter and now turned into dark purple liquid. And I really want to sit by bonfire tonight and remember the last summer, when me and two of mi other good friends visited my best friend at her countryside where we went swimming in the chilly water of the local lake, which is enveloped by firs and pine trees. Most of us stayed in water till our lips turned blue. Afterwards, we chilled in her brother`s room and I found out, that he had some spectacular books. He had this one book, which was full of different advertisements - it was a truly huge book. I think that it was the size of a A3 page and about as thick as the third Harry Potter book. It was perfectly white and on the front cover there was something printed in tiny golden letters. I think that it was one of the most beuatiful books I`d ever seen - it was full of different ads from different times with different languages printed on them in different periods of time. There was an ad of a cream from 1930`s Australia and an ad of a dress shop from 1972. The shop was located in Glasgow. The book was a darling.

currant of the day: florence + the machine - cosmic love


  1. i like the colors and background of your blog. cute.
    also, I LOVE LIVE MUSIC.
    so sososo good.

  2. You are hilarious! Peach cheesecake...sounds amazing right about now.

  3. oh wow, that looks like some concert!

  4. that cake looks delicious!

  5. that show looks like fun!
    (touring, fahsion, and glitter)