Saturday, June 26, 2010

the bow.

I`m back from countryside. I sunbathed today for entire 2 HOURS, which is an enourmous amount of timefor me, as I usually can`t lay still for even 30 min, not to mention 2 hours. But ok, I must admit, I fell asleep. I had my iPod on, I was listening to AIR (this superduperawesome french band) and their music puts me in this über chill mood. And then I fell asleep. I think that I had a nightmare. If only I could remember what it was about. I think that it somehow involved me falling in toxic waste. Usually, when I have nightmares, I simply fall from great heights - I start falling and then I wake up. I think that that`s the reason why I have this great fear from heights (but not from big ones - I loooove flying, but I get simply terrified, if I have to stand on the top floor of let`s say, fifteen floor building).
So yeah, I was woken by a phone call. It`d be nothing if only my ringtone wasn`t The Fratellis song "Flathead" (I adore it.). Then I went home. At home I discovered that all of my usually pale skin, that wasn`t covered by the swimsuit, was RED. I`m now a mix of white and red. And when I put on my favourite United Colours of Benetton dress (circa 2005), you can see white lines on my back marking my swimsuit. Now I have a tiny white bow on my back. Charming. Truly.
And all of my skin hurts soooo bad. Ugh. Any tips guys? :/

And I want a swimsuit that looks like this one.

I adore Billie Holiday.

I hadn`t listened to her in a while, but now, while my room is filled with the warm light of sunset, her bitersweet music is simply perfect. And at this very second I am listening to "April In Paris". The music is perfectly heavy.
And I also listened to "Moon River" today for the first time. Can you imagine, that I actually had never ever before heard it? It is stunning and I can`t get it out of my head.

Oh, and, by the way, I have a new cell phone - Samsung S5230. He is darling.

AND mi new samsung doesn`t turn off while I`m having a conversation with someone. Or when I`m writing a text. Or trying to clean my memory card. Or doing ANYTHING ELSE. We had a difficult relationship with my Sony Ericson.
I think that I`ll nickname my samsung. So I wouldn`t need to call it Samsung S5230 all the time. And simply samsung sounds so boring.

Ok, I`m off to dinner (chicken chilli soup. yum + baklava). Later, darlings!

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