Monday, August 2, 2010

paintbrushes and that old oak tree.

today was looong. I went to Valmiera (A city in north of Latvia. Actually, the city, where I spent the first six years of my life.), where I had my first chemistry lesson with my tutor. I had to get someone who could finally at least TRY to explain to me why that`s like that and this is like that, because, well, if I said that I suck at chemistry, I`d probably say nothing. I`m a DISASTER at this subject. Literary. I don`t even know how on earth I survived that one year at school, where I had chemistry as a compulsory subject. This year (thank GOD!) I was freed from it, but from this September it`s back - bigger, tougher (or simply stinking horrible, if I may say so) and more tiring than ever before! In schools from September 2010. So, I had the first lesson today, and to my big surprise, I actually understood it. Of course, there were moments when there was a huge purple elephant inside my head, flying around with balloons tied around it`s waist and huge what the heeeeell...? printed on it`s side, but in the end it all worked our pretty good. And I have my next lesson scheduled this Friday. At 9:00 AM. And I`m going by train, which leaves at 6:something in the morning. And it`s gonna kill me, cause I love to sleep. I mean, looooooove to sleep - if I get 12 hours of sleep, I feel just about perfect. Hopefully, I won`t bump with my head in the desk while writing some acid and oxidation-reduction reactions.

And tomorrow I`m going to the national library with mi buddy to finally start searching some info for my project work. It`s about the construction of planes in 20th century`s Latvia. And that means that tomorrow`s gonna be a looong day. Afterwards, we`re going to go and search up some info about her project work too. She`s writing about Latvian linguist Jānis Endzelīns, who lived in the 20th century and helped to pretty much "clean up" Latvian and "clear up" a lot of grammatical, orthographical, etc. misunderstandings in our language. So yeah, he did A LOT so that Latvian could be as "clean" and "correct" as possible.
And afterwards I`m gonna have a "True Blood" marathon. ^^

and I found three wonderful pictures yesterday.

first one - Igor+André , last two - we heart it

currant of the day: eliza doolittle - back up


  1. Reading your post, I had flashbacks to my chemistry class. :(

    Have a lovely day, missy.

  2. i love the images from Igor + Andre's wonder i love the one you posted!
    xox alison

  3. Such beautiful photos! Love the first painting and last picture.

  4. I really enjoy the last photo!

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  5. ur blog is so rich and so in follwer alert! lol!

  6. I LOVE the images you used.

    It's awesome.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. love everything about that last photo.