Saturday, August 7, 2010

evenings with a hint of happiness

I woke up some half an hour ago and now I`m eating black bread (like this) and drinking black coffee. And outside it looks like another hot day, although there was a storm outside yesterday and all the city is now covered in tree leaves and puddles (can you imagne, that I actually slept through all of this?! The thunder, the lightnings, the rain, the, well, STORM! I can bet, that if there`ll be a world`s end, I`ll sleep through it too.)

I`ve decided that I need to make a plan for today. So...
1. Get up (done! *proud smile*)
2. Brush teeth. Done.
3. Get out of the pyjama and into normal clothes, in which I can be seen in public. (I`m working on it.)
4. Eat breakfast. (Erm. Coffee and black bread don`t count?)
5. Find my sunglasses.
6. Go to the grocery store. I have nada in the fridge. NADA!
7. Actually buy something healthy in the grocery store.
8. Remember that chocolate doesn`t count as something healthy.
9. Sort out the info I found about planes made in Latvia (there`s a lot of info, believe me ><). 10. Finish Orwell`s "Animal Farm". ^^

And next tuesday, after my chemistry class, I`m going to my friend`s countryside with three of my other friiiieeends. We`ll stay there til wednesday`s evening and it looks like it`s going to be pretty awesome. If I remember last year correctly, we jumped in the lake with our clothes on, then, when the clothes were finally getting a bit dryer, it started raining so hard, it seemed that the raindrops were made not of water but medium sized stones. And the later part of the evening was spent chilling in her brother`s room, who had gone to a "Nature Concert" with his friend and wasn`t going to be back til 4 AM. And we had chocolate cupcakes, which automatically makes everything better.
And I`m thinking that this whole event might be something like this

or this

as it is usually something like that. ^^

and look at this AWESOME (yes, caps lock on with this one!) picture

all photos via we heart it.
makes me want to dance. And it would be a very hot evening and there would be fireflies. We all would be dancing in an old house, which would be made from brown boards and would have trees growing around it and an old unpaved road at it`s doorstep. In the house, there would be colourful lights and F.Sinatra`s music would be playing so loud, you couldn`t even hear your own thoughts. And everybody would be laughing and dancing and from time to time there would be a dog running around. And after 80 years I would still remember it and the very thought of it would make me smile.

currant of the day: the kooks - she moves in her own way


  1. sounds like a pretty doable list! good luck!!

  2. Sounds like a managable list-- except for the chocolate one.. :/
    That sounds like such a fun trip you get to experience!

  3. fun list! though i think that chocolate is secretly good for you...

  4. your blog is so nifty! Haha, I hear that dark chocolate is an anti-carcinogen :) That is healthy in my book!