Thursday, August 12, 2010

the dustbowl dance.

I`m back home, but I`m still living in the ververyvery recent memories of the wonderful time spent in Smiltene.

Things, these two days included:
1. Cooking! Lots and lots of cooking, which is only logical considering the fact that 2 out of us 4 are cooking freaks (me including), 3 out of 4 find that food is our passion and all 4 are absolutely in love with home baked goodies. We made chanterelles in cream, potatoes with dill, chicken wings in different marinades baked on the grill and lots and lots more, topping it all with a wonderful lemon tart.

2. The Swimming! Well, that was one fun part. Yeah. We went swimming with our clothes on. And it felt divine. And the water was so warm and I swear that you could hear us jumping in the lake and screaming and laughing (a lot of loud laughter, my friends) in a 5 mile radius. Aand in the end we had to go through all the town with water dripping from our clothes. Through the centre of the city, if we are more precise. Smiltene`s actually a pretty small town, so later in the evening, when we sat under the huge apple trees, we all came to a conclusion, that every single one of us now has a certain reputation in Smiltene. Not that we mind or anything. :D

3. Laughter! We surounded ourselves with it everywhere we went. Like in a huge bubble wrap. And it kept us warm and sunny.

(yep, that`s me right there.)

And nothing can top those long nights when you sit in a garden, surrounded by your best friends and you can see all the sky bursting into diamond rain, while in front of you five candles continue to dance and with the corner of your eye you see your friends laughing about old stories and memories and happiness is lingering in the air.

currant of the day: travis - why does it always rain on me?


  1. That picture of you with the sun in your hair is perfect. :)

  2. aw.

    i love laughing as well. makes you feel absolutely amazing!

  3. Aww these photos are awesome! Soo cute!

    <3 Gayle

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  6. this whole day sounds like absolute bliss! : )

  7. Fun pictures ;-) xo