Monday, August 16, 2010

where we planted the sea.

It has happened. All the heat records in Riga have been broken. The last one was set in 1901. and now the new temperature record is +31,3 Celsium. And, damn, it`s hot. Really, really hot. I wish I could live in a freezer.

I`m feeling very calm tonight. Like I`ve been filled with ocean in which there are reflections of stars spinning in an ancient dance, which is so smooth like silk. And in this silk there are shiny fish, who jump and jump and jump and then fall back in the cool water so fast that strings of tiny bubbles rush up to the dark surface.

I found something I`d like to share with you.

and now my heart`s racing at the speed of light and it feels like there are two small, soft wings fluttering in my chest.


  1. Like the song. Never heard it before ;-)

  2. found you through rockstar diaries. love the blog! i'll definitely be following your adventures :)