Wednesday, September 1, 2010

feels like morning in your eyes.

It`s official - school`s here. Today, after 3 months of summer holidays, I got up at 7am, dressed, got on the 23rd trolley and after 15 minutes arrived at school, which, as I found out, had been renovated and now looks like there are huge cubes of mashed bananas and cement all over it. In other words, from old grey school, it has turned to a new YELLOW and grey school. And for the first time this year, I was happy to get in the building, cause being me, I had absolutely ignored the weather man last night on TV, who said that it`ll be only +15 Celsium in Riga today and still worn the blue summer dress topped with a red cardigan and a scarf. Let me just tell you, that if the max temp. is going to be only +15, this ensemble will NOT be enough. So it was quite a relief to get in the warm building after spending some time being flapped by the first chilly winds of fall.
After spending 40 mins in my classroom, where our teacher told us about every single change in the school in the new school year(and I fought against my huge urge to fall asleep), we were finally told that we were free to go (weee!) and after running down the stairs to the huge notice board, I found out that tommorow I`ll have classes in the following subjects:
1. Geography (hmm. That ain`t so bad. I mean, that the first lesson is geography. It`s definetely a gazillion times better than maths, which I had as my first subject on a Thursday morning last year. Double Math. It was hell. Try concentrating on trigonometry and logarhytms, when your mind keeps returning to your warm bed in thoughts, which you left 2 hours ago, after finally taking notice of the screaming alarm clock, which you have already turned off about a hundred million times.)
2. English (meh.)
3. Economics (a new one this year. hopefully, it`ll be, erm, not exciting, but, erm, interesting? *fingers crossed*)
4. German (oh, good old german. i think that this year we`ll have a new teacher)
5. Latvian (hopefully, we`ll talk a lot tomorrow. A LOT.)
6. Maths (I want to cry.)
7. Phys. Ed. (I can already hear the teacher screaming "Ready...Set...GO!" and we`ll all start running the first of four 600 m laps. I`ll be dead by lap nr.2. Yes, I suck at Phys. Ed.)
And French lesson later in the evening. ^
So, all in all, tomorrow seems to be ok. Can`t wait for my first culturology lesson (please let it be on Friday!)- one of the subjects I`m reeeallly looking forward to. The combination of art`s history and architecture really does it for me. ^^

I`m feeling very much like this photo here today, although I have a splitting headache.

all photos via we heart it.
And I wish that I was standing on a mountain top right now. At this very second. I wouldn`t hear the honking of cars outside my window. Instead there would be only silence, louder than my thoughts and then my eyes would slowly wander across the deserts of snow and then I`d see the first mountain top. And then I`d notice a second one. And third. Fourth. Fifth. And all of these mountain tops would shine like tiny gigantic suns and my lungs would be filled with calmness and childlike excitement. And then I`d shout just to hear how far my voice would travel. And then I`d sit down and watch the sun slowly spin in circles over my head and then, finally dissapear behind the stone giants.

currant of the day: norah jones - sunrise

p.s. thank you all for the kind comments. I wish I could hug each and every one of you. *hugshugshugs*


  1. You'll probably think I'm very strange but I LOVE maths. That's what I'm going to university to study! :)

    I always love finding out my timetable for the year. It's so exciting!

    Those pictures are great. I especially love the second one. And the third actually. Well, all of them, I guess! :p

    Kate x

  2. thank you a great bunch for supporting my entry at Jones Soda and for stopping by my blog :)

    I took German online my previous year in high school and it's so difficult especially when I didn't have anyone to talk in German.

    hope to here from you soon

  3. I dread first days. :/
    hope you have a great week, dearie.

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog!
    I love your collection of pictures (: Great choice!
    You make me missing school all over again. It may be pain in the b*tt here and there, but it's still a great experience! (:

    Hope you have lotsa fun!

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  5. Glad you stumbled across my new blog too. Good luck with heading back to school and new classes. Always a funny time of year getting back into routine and leaving summer behind. I'm very impressed with the number of languages you are taking at school. I'm only just learning my third language and it's so, so hard - slow work but I'm getting there.

  6. What a lovely blog you have! Keep up the amazing work!

    I'm doing a GIVEAWAY right now for my online store grand opening, check it out if you'd like : )

    Gina Marie Vintage

  7. Oh thank you- I like them too, but they are not taken by me :) but I like your pictures too!

  8. Great blog, I'm going to enjoy reading every post:)
    Thanks for the comments. I'm very grateful. Follow me back if you can.

  9. Am I a total nerd if I say that I looove the first day of school! hehehe. It's so fun (well especially when starting at a new school) cause that's when you meat everyone and find out everything..etc
    I just came across your blog now ( And I like!!!) I read "future architecture student"...and thought "cool!" cause i'm just starting my masters in architecture!

    Anyway, good luck!!! :o)