Tuesday, September 14, 2010

painting on a wooden board.

I am ill, my friends. Which totally sucks. The temperature, the cold, the sore throat - I`ve got it all.
And I`m staying at home till Thursday and it`s pretty much starting to drive me nuts, cause the last warm days are slipping away in front of my eyes and I can do nothing about it, not even enjoy it.

But I decided to let you get to know me a bit better maybe, so, here we go.
15 facts about the author of this pile of thoughts, a.k.a, Sabine:
1. I hate boiled vegetables. Of any kind. Well, okay, with the exception of potatoes and maybe something more, which I can`t really think of right now, but I`m sure there is such a thing. Somewhere. I guess.
2. When I was little, my mom once accidentally died her hair black, although she was going for a dark-ish blonde. When I saw the result, I started crying loudly and wouldn`t let her come near me. Imagine a 3`2 tall kid with blonde curls and teddybear tucked underneath her arm running in her room, totally pissed off at her mom that she had changed her natural light blonde hair to black. Yep, that was me.
3. I love re-reading old fashion magazines.
4. I think that I once lived in the 1930/1940`s and that why I love these two decades so much.
5. Harry Potter totally kicks Twilight`s butt.
6. My birthday is on April the 2nd.
7. I used to draw. I drew from the age of 3 to about the age of 13 (art classes). I still would, as I do love it, but cause of the lack of time, I don`t go to these classes anymore. Just an occasional sketch at home.
8. My favourite subject at school might be Literature or Science, although I`m leaning towards science.
9. I have a 4 year old dog - toyterrier Nixon (yep, just like that president), although we all still call me Nick. He loves to bark and eat.
10. Me and two of my best girls have a tradition to jump in the local lake with all of our clothes every summer when we all are at Smiltene, where my bff`s countryside is at. I think that we all have developed a certain reputation in the city already (the place`s really small, so it wasn`t really that hard to do. Walking totally wet through it (two of us just in colourful bras and old jeans) must have done it. :D )
11. I love wearing scarves. I have a ton of them and yes, I am addicted.
12. I`m also addicted to red lipstick, which I wear practically everyday.
13.I cried like a baby while watching "P.S. I love you".
14. I have a wall in my room that is slowly dissapearing underneath all those photos, pictures, quotes, dried flowers, ribbons, and all the other things that I`ve found interesting and pinned to the poor wall.
15. I can watch the light shining through tree branches for hours. And I will never grow tired of that.

currant of the day: florence + the machine - bird song

p.s. i`ll post a photo of my hair, as soon as i`ll be feeling better, deal? ;)


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I enjoyed your list. I looove the 1930s/1940s too!

  2. hope you feel better soon! thanks for visiting me :) i just saw you love gabriel garcia marquez.. he is one of my favorites as well! be my friend on goodreads asap!!


  3. Love your list over fun facts, fun to learn a little more about you :)
    And I'm so with you on Harry Potter, in fact he kicks just about anyone’s butt!!

    And get well soon :)

  4. Great answers.....my mom did the same thing to her hair!! Too funny!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello:)

    Statements in Fashion

  5. really cute pic :) nice answers too

  6. I really do hope you're feeling better.. <3

    I loved reading this list and learning more things about you! I can relate to you on so many of the facts you put here, though explaining would be a post in itself.

    But hey, us 1940s gals have to stick together, right?