Friday, September 10, 2010

my bag is stuffed with sunshines.

it`s friday. usually people want to go out on Fridays. My only wish this Friday is to pass out in my bed with a warm blanket wrapped around me like a cocoon.

please, let me whine for a minute.
here it goes.
why do all the teachers assume that their subject is always the most important from those fourteen subjects I have at school!? and you can just imagine what happens when every single teacher assumes that. when 14 teachers assume that. and there`s is only one me.
me want a hug.
whining complete. thank you for your patience.

on a brighter note, my bff`s coming over tomorrow and we`re going to make black forest gateau. it makes my mouth water to only think of it. just imagine - chocolate, whipped cream, cheries, biscuit. heaven itself, i`m telling you. hopefully, it`ll work out better than our lemon meringue pie, which was a gigantic flop. actually, she said that she really liked it, but I meanwhile looked at her with WTF? printed on my face. okay, so maybe it wasn`t a total fail. maybe it was just me and I should`ve understood that maybe, just maybe this might not be the perfect cake for me - I love lemons (loooooooooooove!), but I do hate eggs. Especially egg whites. Bleugh. *shivers*
But I`m very fond of chocolate, whipped cream and cheries. Lots and lots of cherries. ^^

And yesterday I had this super spontaneous idea to dye my hair ginger. At 11. p.m. Yeah. Maybe not the most brilliant idea to colour hair at eleven p.m. But I must admit that it was worth it. I went from my natural blonde to redhead. Ta-dah!

sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle the magic dust over my head! So I could fly to my the meadow of summer, where autumn`s red leaves would be covered by white, white snow and there would be the first blossoms of sunshines hidden by dark grey clouds full of big raindrops in the colour of a mirror, which would be reflecting the memories of kings and queens living in a land over thirty nine lands and thirty nine seas.

currant of the day: the beatles - while my guitar gently weeps


  1. So glad it's friday! All I want to do is sleep and hang out with friends.

  2. don't worry its the weekend! cooking and sleeping will do the trick!!


  3. I think it's cool, I also dyed my hair spontaneously (a month ago) from dark brown to dark violet. And your colour choice is great!

    If you like my blog so why don't you follow? Me. I'm going to follow your's from now on:) It's interesting!

  4. Oh, yes: don't take your teachers so seriously. Imagine you devoted yourself for just one or a second thing and you have to elate young people of it... well this must be a weird live:))
    I tried just to take a little piece of each different colour at school and at the end I am colourful graduate;)

  5. Teachers. I know exactly what you mean-- "You should focus all your attention on my class." Sounds oddly like my english professor.... hmh... :)

    And upon reading your post, it suddenly hit me that I haven't eaten today! Guess what I'm craving now... Ha.

    Have fun with your bff! I won't get to visit mine until Christmas break, so have extra fun for me.

    PS: I want to see your hair!

    Have a great weekend. :p

  6. WOW ur Blog is lovely ♥

    thx 4 ur Comment


  7. I totally know what you mean about teachers thinking their subject is the most important.. the workload they give is unbelievable sometimes. And there's nothing I like better than staying in an RESTING after a long week- so no shame in a Friday in :)

  8. i love black forest gateaux! :D i really want some, but there's none in the house...

  9. That first picture is so beautiful! I hope you get all the rest that you need and have fun tomorrow with your bff!

  10. that pug is so cute!

  11. Have fun with your bff and I bet it's true that redheads have more fun :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Post some pic of you!!! we want to see you!!!

  13. inspiring :) i love the first two pics :) no. 1 is really what I would like to do NOW! or maybe tommorow- exept of school ;) xoxo

  14. great post. The weekend is always there to just relax and enjoy your time.

  15. Hope the black forest gateau was delicious! School can be tough but you'll get through it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - yes the lobster in Bali was great and the views priceless!

  16. Hello there....I just found your blog...Im a new follower..:) Cant wait to read more!!
    I too wished I could have stayed in bed....uggh..another Monday...

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