Monday, September 20, 2010

red ribbon, golden ribbon, summer ribbon

As a good friend of mine once said "There are only six days in a week. Monday is simply a nigtmare."
And I definetely agree. Math test, English test, Swedish test. And Phis. Ed. too. So not a good start to this week.

And on a better note...
it`s Tuesday tomorrow, right? And it won`t be Monday anymore, right? So it`s a "better note", right?

Look what I found.

I should probably say that I fell completely in love with this song first time I heard it. It justs reminds me of summer, bonfires, smell of pines, cold beer, laugther, moskitos, cold water in early morning just before the heat washes over the calm dark water, loud rock music in cars as they rush down the dusty road, fireworks and those late night talks, whose memories only belong to few people. Few undeniably precious people.

god, do i miss those evenings. I can`t even tell you how much. For the first time in a real long time, I can`t find the words to describe something. These memories feel like dark green silk and when I try to pin them down and press them with a pitch black pen against the white paper, they pretend to be dead, so I couldn`t glue them to something as boring as paper. And then they run away. Safely back to my head.It`s like trying to describe a feeling, which is as airy as the ligthest of the feathery clouds and as bright as there were sixty eight thousands of the brightest electric bulbs lighted. And throw in a couple of gazillions of stars too.

how was your weekend, lovelies?


  1. sorry about all of your tests i hope they turn out ok! i have really been enjoying the turn of summer into fall, the weather has been beautiful! maybe try to poeticize that!


  2. I love your description of trying to pin down memories! Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

  3. Oh Mondays-they're always so tough! We had a busy weekend, and my sweetheart got sick so I feel like anytime I didn't spend entertaining my parents was dedicated to caring for him. I confess, I was actually relieved to find it was Sunday night!

  4. I would say it is a better note for sure that tomorrow is Tuesday! Some Mondays are just so...blah!

  5. such a great post - it's Tuesday yay! We can smile now xx

  6. Wow- that was a tough Monday for you! Simple memories like the one you described are what I crave. So lovely!

  7. hope the tests went ok, im so glad im finished my education! no more tests woooo. sorry for rubbing that in there, but i kind of only just realised that i wont have any more!
    love that kings of leon song too, love any kings of leon song, but this new one is good, sounds like their early stuff x

  8. I feel the same exact way! School has been so stressful and I miss those summer days and summer nights. Vacations and friends, enjoying life and taking pictures. God, I would give anything to go back. I miss being free.

  9. Lovely song and that last sign is just adorable :)

  10. Hey there! I love that piccie with the money and marshmallow text, how true!

    Thanks for stopping by my way, i've made a Chanel no. 5 Cake now amongst other so will get them up. My other blog is more fashion orientated btw. ;)
    Have a fab weekend.