Wednesday, October 20, 2010

brown hats and waltzes.

Yesterday I dreamt three dreams.

Le Numéro Un
I was in Canada and then a car drove up to my house. One of those sleek, pretty, elegant cars. And there was a family inside. And we drove to some building and suddenly I was wearing this really smart, navy wrap dress and my hair was really long. And there was a huuuge polished stone, like one of those they use in SPA procedures, but this was in the colour of warm amber and suddenly all the room was in that colour. And then I saw my mom and I got peanut butter between two chocolate cookies. Such an un-glamorous ending to such a glamorous looking dream.

Le Numéro Deux
I was in some small city and it was summer. I was in the city centre and it had this wonderful square. That square was covered in flowers of all kinds and had a bright red clock in the middle. It was a cross between a clock and a lantern. A very old lantern. And then I heard somebody calling me, but I ran in the completely opposite direction till I ran out of the city. I reached the beach, but there was a wooden fence blocking me from the sea as far as I could see (see the sea? hehe ), but then I noticed a small alley and ran towards it and then I finally reached the sea. It was cold and grey and I felt warm.

Le Numéro Trois
I was in Istanbul (please don`t ask why, as I have absolutely zero ideas) and I walked somewhere and I remeber that there were solourful scarves all around me. Then I felt something heavy in my pocket and, as it turned out, I had about nine large, gold coins there. They were really big and looked ancient. And then I wanted to get some peace, so I walked down a hill to some white house and sat there. And there was the sea again.

currant of the day: prāta vētra - māsa nakts


  1. Such unusual dreams, but I'm impressed you remembered them all with such clarity! I rarely remember what I dreamt about the night before, unless it was something unpleasant!

  2. I can never remember my dreams...
    The images are beautiful. Have you ever read 'Possession"...somehow the compilation reminds me of it.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by today..super sweet of you!!!!

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  4. Hello! We are doing a “Happy Snappy tour”, thanking everyone who’s been visiting us these past few months. So: thank you! :)

    Three interesting dreams! It's always so nice remembering what we dream about, isn't it?

    Happy last week of October! Greetings from Finland and Scotland.