Saturday, October 16, 2010

things i love. part two

1. Rain puddles.

Yes, I love rain puddles. Then there are two skies. One up in the air and the other down in the puddles. Two suns, eight clouds, ten green leafs and the uncountable stripes of pink, purple, blue, white and silver. They`re like the world`s mirror. And if you jump in them, they`ll fly and land, and make new puddles and new mirrors. And then there will be million suns and the world will smell like it was young again and all it wanted to do was laugh so loud that the sun crystals would tremble, jump so high that the stars could kiss it`s forehead, run as fast as the eastern winds, heated in the Arabian heatwaves, shine as bright as the yellow dandelions in the green meadows, and paint the sky in the color of swallow`s song on an early morning.

2. Spiral staircases

They always remind me of fairytales and lands of far-far-away, where anything is possible and red apples are poisonous, and kids can fly, and there are fat cats than cat appear out of blue sky and purr in your ear. Where the third son is always the smartest and you can fool the devil itself. Where because of a single pea under twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds and toys wake up at night and live. Where there always is a happily ever after.

3. Dresses

There`s no other piece of clothing that I love more. I don`t have a lot dresses (I have three, to be exact - the one I wore to my prom, the one I bought in London two years ago and the one I wore to the Christmas ball last year). I`m pretty picky over dresses and am absolutely in love with the 1930`s, 1940`s style dresses. I have my greatgrandmother`s dress, which is from the 1920`s - it`s heavy dark brown silk with buttons the colour of milk chocolate and when you put it on, you instantly hear the music in your ears and the sound of high heels clicking on the wooden floor in the rhythm of the song, see the red lips, old-hollywood curls and and smiles, lots and lots of smiles.

want to see my i`m-too-in-love-with-these-dresses fall 2010 list? these are from "Modcloth" and these are from "Anthropologie". I officially want to cry.

currant of the day: coldplay - yellow


  1. I agree about dresses. Especially the era's you speak of. Simply gorgeous photos and a delightful blog!


  2. That Tim Walker photo for the spiral staircase is AMAZING!!!

  3. I love rain puddles too actually I love everything about rain ;D

    first time here Loved yhe way you express yourself :D keep it up

    rain awaits you

    TAke care n hugs

  4. wow.
    wow, wow, wow.
    i loveeee this post.
    these are some of my favourite things too!
    i am in love with the second photo. its amazing!
    take care and keep up the wonderful work :)

  5. Some of my favorite things, too! I can't ever resist a good puddle or a gorgeous spiral staircase, and as a singer who auditions a lot, I have a little collection of dresses I still swoon over!

  6. If you like dresses like that, you should visit my blog... the second last post was just about an affordable pink dress like that one!


  7. i've always, always loved that tim walker photo (: and i love dresses too! i feel far more comfortable in them than trousers...

  8. That spiral staircase is amazing :)

  9. This is such a lovely lovely post.

  10. We love a lot of the same things!

  11. I love all of these things too! :) That spiral staircase picture is amazing!