Friday, October 8, 2010

from macarons with love

oh gosh, this week has been totally. nuts. I think that I had about 3 tests every day, 4 hours of sleep every night and endless sheets of white paper. And exactly one small page where I doodled some glass and leaf buildings on. Mainly during English classes.

And now it`s Friday. It`s one of those beautiful autumn Fridays. With warm sunshine, light breeze and red leaves. I have a maple tree outside my house and every day (or late evening) I watched it and saw the leaves turning from summer green to sunshine yellow and then to pupmkin puree orange, until, finally, I think they have reached the colour of the fall`s essence itself. I might go out and pick them after finishing this post. And when I`ll go out with my dog, I`ll walk under the chestnut tree`s and look for the warm brown chestnuts, from which I used to make beads when I was a kid. Fun days. And my brown boots will dig deep in the moist ground and my eyes will fight with billions of rays of sun. Blue vs. Yellow.And in my head there will be playing Regina Spektor`s "Summer in The City". I don`t know why, but it feels the best to listen to this song in autumn or winter. And definetely not in the summer. I guess it`s my portable summer. Whenever I hear this song, my head is automatically filled with images of heated asphalt and summer heat. It`s suddenly a summer evening, with the sun setting over the city, while it keeps buzzing, and somewhere a woman is sitting on her metal balcony of a red brick building, with heat washing over her and yellow cabs running down the street below her feet. There are footsteps down on the street. And laughter. Laughter come, laughter goes, an endless circle. Ice cubes are slowly waving it`s last goodbye to the sun until dissapear in the lemon ice tea. The sun is big and yellow, just as yellow as the yellow stripes on the metal balcony`s sofa. And then the sun is gone. But the summer remains.

I`m gonna make these babies today. I just read that I need to let them rest for two days before using them in my case.
...which probably means that they`ll be lucky if they survive til tomorrow.

and tomorrow I`ll be hanging out with my dog and some good movies. some good friends are also included in this package. (i can`t help but add in my head "Order now for only 24.99$! Shipping included.")

what are your plans for this weekend, lovelies?

currant of the day: coldplay - shiver


  1. Those look really yummy....have a great weekend:)

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  2. Oh macarons-I never have the discipline! Your fall day sounds absolutely divine, and I'm a little envious-SF doesn't have very many of those autumnal trademarks. Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

  3. hanging with the pup sounds JUST what i need too!!!

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    *kiss kiss*
    Happy Weekend!
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. I adore fall! Have a nice weekend! :D

    Castor Pollux

  5. fall is so great!
    & so is your blog!!!


  6. Macarons! I love macarons :)
    And yes, Fridays are the best.

  7. Mmm, now I want macarons! Do tell us how they turned out :)
    And enjoy what's left of your weekend!

  8. i want to have a go at making macarons! i can imagine it going very, very badly...

  9. I love that Regina song! Fall is one of the best times of year I think. It was warm here the weekend and the way the sun was hitting all the golden trees it looked a little heavenly to me!
    Hope the macarons turned out, so curious!

  10. summer in the city is such a great song!
    im glad you finally have a break from the tests and stress [:

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  11. Hey there Cherie!

    It sounds like you're having one of those super crazy weeks! Love that you're going to be making macarons! How exciting?! Did you say you need to let them rest for 2 days? Do you mean the egg whites? They should just be at room temperature and maybe a day old...

    Thanks for stopping by my way too!

  12. Oh yeah, 1 order please! I have yet to try those macarons. We have a different kind here in the Philippines. It looks entirely different too. With coconut bits in it. :) Tastes gooood.