Saturday, October 2, 2010

so, i saw "inception" yesterday...

I beg to differ.

and my oh my. eames was zomg.
i found him dreamy. *giggle*

and I love these four movies.

I`m acutally planning to re-watch Pride & Prejudice tonight. *squee*

what are your all time favourites?

currant of the day: kings of leon - revelry

p.s. I actually once had a dream, in which I had a dream, in which I had a dream. Honestly. It was freaky. I was in North pole, then I was on a ship and then I was in a forest.


  1. haha :)
    thanks so much for your sweet comment ;)

  2. John and I get a kick out of late 80's/early 90's Steven Segal movies-how weird is that?! But I'm a sucker for Audrey Hepburn classics and a good Molly Ringwald romantic comedy.

  3. My favorite movies are .. 500 Days of Summer, The Runaways, Factory Girl, Elf. Hm.. that's all I can think of at the moment, I love a lot of movies!

  4. Toy Story!! Ó u Ò

    Hmm, I love the "Beatles: Yellow Submarine" movie! It's so full of colors and beautiful characters! ...and the music! Their music itself is filled with gorgeous images! I always get so happy by watching that movie ; u ;

    Also, I'm watching the "Inglorious Bastards" tonight with my friends again!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  5. I love donnie darko, The Shining, American Beauty... and I am watching brick right now...never seen it :) Just found your blog and love it.. we have the same background! haha I am now following... check mine out if you get a chance!


  6. pride and prejudice is one of my favorites for sure!! i also love children of men, cat on a hot tin roof, little miss sunshine and the birdcage

  7. Love Pride & Prejudice and also loved Inception :)

  8. i know aren't dreams inside dreams so trippy!? I saw inception recently too (in the theater even, tho not 3d, that would have been pretty trippy!) all time faves? hoo, that's a hard one, but the first movie that popped into my mind was juno, which i love! :)

  9. loved inception!

    my alltime favorite movies are the toy story series, up, heavyweights (classic 90s disney film about fat kids at summer camp), whats eating gilbert grape, and the nightmare before christmas.

  10. hmmm mine all time favs are

    The notebook -- (nothing can beat this)
    His girl friday
    The following (lovely story)