Saturday, September 25, 2010

baked apples + soft feathers

Today I went to my first drawing lesson in three years. And as I slowly drew the lines of the parched leaf, I understood how much I had missed it. The sound of the pencil as it left dark trails on the uneven paper, feeling it against my white skin, leaving dark traces on my right palm, trying to achieve the perfect form of the fallen, once green leaf, which, as the cold autumn had come, had kissed the tree goodbye and fallen on the soft, brown grass, already attained shriwelled wrinkles from the gray and large raindrops of fall. The aroma of the old paintbrushes, who have danced uncountable waltzes, charlestons and foxtrots on the pallettes, filled with every possible colour you can imagine from the whiteness of clouds to the undertone of grief. The colourful paintings, the black&white sketches, put neatly agaist the white walls. The giant windows, with the rays of sun flying through them in the room with the purple floor, with a small hint of summer, as the still green leaves had stuck to the sunshines, so they would fill the room with warm golden and greenish light.

And I don`t know how I made it without all of this.

Plan for today:
1. Eat some gingerbread my grandparents brought from the Michaelmas fair (I`m planning to eat the one shaped like a kitty)
2. Watch "Mr.Nobody" or "Casablanca" or maybe both.
3. Make apple and raisin cupcakes with honey and spices.

I know. I`m so busy. :D

And I`ve been craving thiss song for the past 4 days:


  1. i am loving this song! i added it to my playlist!! thanks for sharing!


  3. I love this song! Your blog is so cool!

  4. ooh, cool song! have a nice weekend! ;)

    Castor Pollux

  5. awesome song! :)

  6. So cool that you are picking up the pencils again! I hope you continue to do so. Sounds like they missed you too!

  7. okay. i was so sad yesterday. i put this song on my grooveshark playlist and when i got home, it was gone! and i couldn't remember the name of this song! thank GOODness for your blog! i'm forever in love with this song!

  8. I like this song, thank you for your comment.

    see you soon:)

  9. :D enchanting "plan for today" [:

    love the song.

    im a new follower :D
    i hope my blog inspires you to follow back ;]

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  10. I don't think I would manage without my art, so I'm delighted to hear that you've found yours again. Happy drawing!

  11. Love your plan for the day. Hope today is just as eventful :)

  12. oh, i miss art so much! i just don't have time for it right now :( and that song (as well as starry eyed - ellie goulding) gets stuck in my head SO MUCH

  13. great post + I like this song now :)

  14. yum!! apple and raisin cupcakes sound amazing! :) x