Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my favourite songs + bands. november 30th, 2010.

1. Coldplay
I know, I know. So cliché. But there`s just something so...magical in their music, that when I listen to them, it makes me forget all my troubles and lets me return to my neverland, where it`s eternal summer, where I can wake up to sun shining through my treehouse window, where there are gardens, smelling of apples and friends, and candles that smell like coffee and home. and where the sky always feels soft and heavy, like a feathered pillow in a stormy night.

2. Damien Rice
I discovered him about a year ago. I was just randomly changing radio stations, as I often do, and it was about three in the morning and I couldn`t fall asleep and after I had changed the stations for about 15 minutes, I bumped into some station which I`m pretty sure, I hadn`t listened to ever before, and "9 crimes" was on. Back then I didn`t know the artist of the song or the name of the song itself, but all I know that it somehow managed to fall in my heart and it made me really sentimental. Could have been the lyrics, the melody, the snow falling in large crystalic dance outside my window and covering the usually brown ground with a soft white blanket, that warmed my tired soul or it could have been it all in a large whirl of tenderness, but the song somehow clicked with me. And it`s still one of my favourites today.

3. A-ha
Though I`m not a fan of the 80`s, I can`t not love this song. I remember listening to A-ha as a kid, then stopping for some unknown reason, and rediscovering them last year with "Foot Of The Mountain". But my favourite song is actually this one below. And there isn`t a thing I would change about it.


  1. finally someone writes down about damien rice.
    he's such an awesome singer. i love love love his voice and the way he sings!

  2. How I love "Take On Me"! I was in an a cappella group in high school, and it's such a perfect song for those arrangements!

    As for anything else you like, there's nothing cliche about it-if you like it, listen to it!

  3. Love, Love, Love Damien Rice! Such great songs! Perfect for weddings ;-)

  4. I agree! I agree! Coldplay can really be sooooo magical! Perfect adjective.


    Best wishes,


  5. We have very similar taste in Music -- I love all of the above!!
    Have a great 1st of december :)

  6. 9 Crimes is an incredible song..
    I once made a youtube video of myself singing it!


  7. i do like coldplay...and how cool is chris martin that he is bff with jay-z and kanye? i love it when hipsters and hip hop mesh.

  8. I love A-ha, especially this song - it never fails to cheer me up! So thanks for cheering me up!!

  9. You have great taste! I love Damien Rice..


  10. The nine crimes video always makes me cry.