Monday, November 22, 2010

sugar and philosophy.

you know, in the opposite of what i might have been claiming last week to my best guyfriend, i love being a girl. from time to time, a girly girl. mostly, a girl that adores soft blankets, watches the sea right before a storm, smells the pines and every morning puts on the red lipstick. sometimes, the boy-ish girl, who knows how to make bows and arrows (thank you, my dear cousins!) and small catapults (thank you again!). I remember that when I was a kid, I mostly hung out with boys - we ran around playing indians, shot arrows in the targets, played with the dogs. Those were good days. In the summer, which I mostly spent in my countryside in Latgale, I had no other companions than my two cousins - Mārcis and Mairis. Mārcis is one year older than I am, Mairis - about five. We made tree houses, which were terribly shabby - they were usually contructed of some old pieces of wood, in some really high and windy trees. The "treehouses" actually looked more like just a platform high in the tree, not a house, but nevertheless, we loved it. You could see this wonderful view - on the left you could see a deep blue lake, surrounded by some old birch trees, laughing with their silvery leaves in the warm summer wind, on the right you could see endless forests, deep, deep green, smelling like old stars, blueberries, warm conversations and hot peppermint tea. This is the perfume of my childhood.
And honestly, I can`t remember a happier period of my life than that.
Once, when we went skating on the small pond, next to their house, Mairis lent me his ice-skates, since I didn`t have any, and, although they were 4 sizes too big, I somehow managed to tie them to my feet and went skating. Later we played hockey. And then I fell and broke my arm. And then we played some more hockey. :D
I only found out that I had broken my arm a week later, when I had already returned to Riga and complained that my arm hurt. We went to a doctor and the next month and a half I spent with a plaster cast. pretty cool, eh?
And somehow I grew up and fell in love with high heels, flowery dresses and red lipstick. And this is who I am today - the miss jeans + red lipstick. The girl, who`s been dreaming of the happily ever after since the age of four and loves shabby tree-houses and playing hockey on a tiny pond.
and I`m waiting for a prince on a black horse. not white, black. cause black simply kicks ass.

currant of the day: paolo nutini - candy


  1. I love that song so dearly, and being a girl :)

  2. I think being a girl rocks...cute story!!

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  3. My kind of girl-I loved our hidden treehouses growing up, and would make mud pies in my best party dresses!

  4. I totally agree! It's girly-girl with a twist...

  5. I'm totally with you! I used to prefer football and even playing war (hush, don't tell anyone!) over dolls and to this day I still have more guy friends than girls!
    But heels? Oh hell yes!

    And what rock have I been living under to miss this song with Paolo Nutini?! It's great, thanks for sharing :)