Tuesday, January 11, 2011

this is a "see you soon".

hey dears!

sorry for not writing for so long, it`s been a very hectic time for me. chaos in all possible areas you can imagine - starting from my bookcase to my thoughts. so, i`m going to be on a small break.This definetely doesn`t me that i`m shutting down or anything of the kind, I just need to somehow make a very early spring cleaning in my small thought box and understand, what it is I really want/think/feel/etc. I`ll write as soon as it`ll be possible.
and just so you know - i love you all very much and thanks to each and every one of you who has ever bothered to read one post on this tiny, feathery blog. you mean the world to me.

be back as soon as possible :)



  1. Everyone needs a little time to themselves. Hope yours is restorative and restful!

  2. Good luck "cleaning up"... I've been there a few months ago and I turned my life around since then! :D


    P.S: I'm having an "I {heart} MY BLOG" giveaway which I bet you'd love! :D

  3. hope to see you back blogging soon dear!

    Castor Pollux